Is your website breaking the law?

Is your website breaking the law?

You will have noticed  the growing number of websites with messages similar to

“By using this website  you consent to our use of cookies. For more information on cookies view our cookie policy  X “.

Most websites are required under legal compliance to display a Privacy Statement

How do I know if my website needs to have a Privacy Statement?


If your site does any of the following: –
 Collects personal data (visitors filling in web forms, feedback forms, etc).
  • Uses cookies or web beacons.
  • Covertly collects personal data (IP addresses, e- mail addresses.)

Then you are legally obliged to have a privacy statement on your website?

How do I display my Privacy Statement?

On arrival at your website visitors must have an option to view your policy and this can be covered in a number of ways and depending on how you collect data and what it is used for then your Privacy Statement needs to ensure the website visitor can read how their data can be used, which gives them the option of continuing or not continuing to use your website based on this information.

An example of a privacy statement is shown as the bottom bar on this website  and states that the website uses cookies and permits the visitor to link through to this information.

The legal requirement:

Two distinct pieces of legislation apply: The Data Protection Acts 1988 & 2003 (“The Acts”) and Statutory Instrument Number 336 of 2011 European Communities (Electronic Communications Networks and Services)(Privacy and Electronic Communications) Regulations 2011 (“SI 336/2011”)
Section 2(1)(a) of the Acts requires that: –
“The data or, as the case may be, the information constituting the data shall have been obtained, and the data shall be processed fairly”.
This fair obtaining principle generally requires that a person whose data are processed is aware of at least the following:
  • The identity of the person processing the data.
  • The purpose or purposes for which the data are processed.
  • Any third party to whom the data may be disclosed.
  • The existence of a right of access and a right of rectification.

Failure to comply could result in prosecution / penalty of up to €100,000!

A contravention of the provisions of the Acts can result in investigation and enforcement action by the Data Protection Commissioner. If the Commissioner issues an enforcement notice requesting that you either place a Privacy Statement on your site, or cease processing data, failure to comply could result in prosecution with a possible penalty of up to €100,000 and/or deletion of any/all data collected via the website.
Additionally, section 7 of the Acts gives a person a right to take Civil Action against you if that person has been damaged by the manner in which you have processed his/her data.
Further information
Contact  for a free checkup and advise on your website and its compliance with “Privacy Statements”

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7 Steps to building trust on your website

7 Steps to building trust on your website


7 quick suggestions (plus one bonus recommendation)

Visitors to your website need to know they can trust you. Its not just about the products and services you offer. Visitors need to get a sense of who you are so they want to trust doing business with you.

This post will deal with two aspects of building that trust – that are essential to the personal relationship visitors want – which allows them relate stronger with you.

Lets start with the bonus suggestion first……

A) Are you real and how do I know you exist.

Start with your contact details – Not showing a full postal address and contact details – is one of the top reasons visitors shy away from websites, so we recommend an informative Contact Page that builds trust :- that shows your full address, phone number and a contact form. Add a google map of your physical location which will allow your website visitors know you have in place the number one confidence requirement – “that you actually exist in a physical location and they can contact you in case of need.

While all this may  sounds obvious – but not everyone does it!  – and web users have learned the hard way to walk away from websites that cause them even the slightest doubt.

B) About Us Page

Many new website owners seek to fill this webpage with mundane information because as business owners they are focussed on content that they believe visitors are more interested in. A good “About us” website page will be a “converter” – i.e. either convert a consideration to buy on your online shop into a purchase or convert a half interested visitor into being comfortable that you are a business they can trust to make further contact with.

For this reason I strongly recommend giving some thought to the content of our about us page.

1) Know your audience – an online shop may require to promote the brand stronger here while  a business to business website may need to promote their people and the quality of service.

2) Tell your business story history about its founders and their mission and how the business has grown. If a new business share your enthusiasm for the gap in the market you are fulfilling and how you will provide them with a better service. – Remember its all about building trust.

3) Don’t lie – Don’t pretend you are a 10 year old business and you actually started last week.  Trust is built with 1) and 2) above and is completely ruined by telling lies. Yes google is responsible for access to a lot of the information that gets you found out – Don’t take the risk because it only takes a few seconds to be found out!

4) Be PASSIONATE – ensure your website visitors know you ( and your colleagues) are passionate about what you do, be that for your level of service, range of products, unique proposition, etc – don’t be shy about letting them know how much you care about them getting great products or service. Your love and enthusiasm  will build confidence.

5) Mission, Vision or USP  – If there is something unique or market leading about your product/service – get this message across here – you can still link to references in other sections of your website. If you have a unique selling proposition ( USP) ensure you get this across and if you are more of a corporate ensure your Mission statement and Vision comes across.

6) Testimonials –  Testimonials are the online equivalent of walking into a physical store or office that seriously impresses you and gives you confidence that this is a strong business doing well.   A couple of testimonials from a range of genuine  customers/clients will have that same strong impact online. Don’t neglect this even if you are  new to business – then you should grow this as your business grows  and actively seek testimonials from early clients.

7) Images – A picture paints a thousand words and a poor out of focus makes you look like a dilapidated business in a falling down building. Always use quality images and in your ” About us” page – let them show what your business is about and ideally show real people  that visitors can relate to.


The information on your about us page should come across as showing your vision and expertise, your passion, your customer care, and be backed up by quality images and Testimonials. The about us page does not have to be a novel – but should be thought through in terms of having a sentance or short par and pics that reflect the 7 steps above.

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Why update your software?

Why update your software?

Everything seems to be working fine on your computer and you get a notification from one of the pieces of software you use ( maybe  by email or popup notification) – so why should you bother updating of everything appears to be working well?

Whilst is does not apply only to browsers ( Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc) – it is not uncommon for computer owners not to have updated their browser software – even for a number of years!. Apart from the obvious issues of “websites don’t look right on my browser” issues because you have not updated, you are at risk of putting your computer and its contents at risk , and possibly being the cause of infecting computers of people you contact from your computer ( something as simple as an  email from you could carry that virus or bug)…. Simple solution – ensure you have the latest browser version of your browser.
Ever wonder why Microsoft, Apple and most software providers regularly provide updates…. Having recently watched a short video on how hackers get into websites and onto individuals computers – apart from the most basic step of ensuring you have a good password ( see this article) – it is because hackers have found vulnerabilities in older versions of software that effectively allows them a “backdoor” onto your computer or website. As software developers ( including the big names like microsoft, apple and wordpress ) – all become aware of these issues – they “patch” the issue with software updates. The software update may contain a number of patches to stop hackers and may also include updates to make your software work better or make it compatible with other software or hardware such as new versions of browsers.
This is why you should set your computer and software to automatically allow software updates and where this is not possible or where you receive a message to update from the software provider – then these software providers are telling you – it is in your best interests to do the update.
Get more information on checking if your software is up to date here

Is your website lazy and not working…

Is your website lazy and not working…

12 Signs your website has got lazy and needs a service.

People get bored visiting websites that are out of date or dont change their content. Its a vicious circle, they make the effort to visit your website and come back to find ….. Nothings changed… .they stop visiting because nothings changed….and soon your website is ….. forgotten. In effect you have made your website redundant through lack of use.

Heres a list of 12 classic signs of a website becoming “redundant”.

1. You haven’t logged in and make an update in over a month. ( worse still, you haven’t made any changes since it was built)

2. The website features products/services you no longer stock

3 . Search Engines don’t know your website exists

4. Google analytics is not installed on your website, or any other form of analytics.

5. Analytics is installed but a large number of visitors are not staying for even 30 seconds.

6. Your website has been hacked in the past, and you have done nothing to upgrade the security level

7. Your website is more than 3 years old and looks dated

8. You have tons of information on each page and give visitors no option to choose to read what they want, only what you have decided.

9. Social media links are absent from your website – because you are not on any social media services.

10. You got a friend or student ( who has since gone to Canada or Australia) to build the website and you dont know how to do anything with it.

11. Smartphone users cant access your website because it is not “smartphone” friendly.

12. The site is very slow to load

If you can say yes to any one of these symptoms then talk to today to get your website fit and working hard for you. Get a great fresh look for your website ( including smartphone frirendly)  as well as expert advise on how to get the most out of your website.

Kilmore Landscapes Responsive Website

Kilmore Landscapes Responsive Website

Kilmore Landscapes cover the midlands of Ireland  offer a high quality domestic and commerical landscaping service.

Kilmore Landscapes chose as the web developers and are one of the first to use the latest responsive style websites from believe that all new websites now have a requirement to work naturally on any size screen from desktop, laptop, ipad/tablet to the fastest growth area in websites – spartphone usage. website works fluently across all these screens sizes. For more information visit

Kilmore Landscapes new website by

Decking by Kilmore Landscapes

Decking by Kilmore Landscapes



Kilmore Landscapes have been offering a quality landscape service to domestic and commercial clients in the Midlands of Ireland since 1995 Established by Jon Badrick who obtained a Higher National Diploma in Horticulture in 1988 and has over 25 years experience in all aspects of landscaping During that time we have strived to provide a professional landscape service that offers quality service at a competitive price Following an initial client meeting to discuss their ideas we provide a comprehensive service from design to completion We offer a hard landscaping service including paving for patios or driveways, decking, fencing and water features, and soft landscaping including tree and hedge planting and low maintenance shrub beds. We can design and construct a completely new garden or install new features in to an existing garden.

Further information

Doran Oil new Website

Doran Oil new Website



Doran oil is a leading supplier of quality home heating oil, agricultural diesel and commercial fuels. Doran oil is a family run business that provide a friendly and efficient service and goes the extra mile to meet our customer’s needs.  Doran Oil supply a wide hinterland from their Cashel and Thurles Depots in Tipperary.

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