12 Signs your website has got lazy and needs a service.

People get bored visiting websites that are out of date or dont change their content. Its a vicious circle, they make the effort to visit your website and come back to find ….. Nothings changed… .they stop visiting because nothings changed….and soon your website is ….. forgotten. In effect you have made your website redundant through lack of use.

Heres a list of 12 classic signs of a website becoming “redundant”.

1. You haven’t logged in and make an update in over a month. ( worse still, you haven’t made any changes since it was built)

2. The website features products/services you no longer stock

3 . Search Engines don’t know your website exists

4. Google analytics is not installed on your website, or any other form of analytics.

5. Analytics is installed but a large number of visitors are not staying for even 30 seconds.

6. Your website has been hacked in the past, and you have done nothing to upgrade the security level

7. Your website is more than 3 years old and looks dated

8. You have tons of information on each page and give visitors no option to choose to read what they want, only what you have decided.

9. Social media links are absent from your website – because you are not on any social media services.

10. You got a friend or student ( who has since gone to Canada or Australia) to build the website and you dont know how to do anything with it.

11. Smartphone users cant access your website because it is not “smartphone” friendly.

12. The site is very slow to load

If you can say yes to any one of these symptoms then talk to Handyweb.ie today to get your website fit and working hard for you. Get a great fresh look for your website ( including smartphone frirendly)  as well as expert advise on how to get the most out of your website.