Apple drops Bing for Google on iOS. Opportunity for Local SEO?

Apple drops Bing for Google on iOS. Opportunity for Local SEO?

“Siri, what is the best <insert-your-business-here> in town?”. If you are the best around and are ranking well on Google Mobile Search Results, it may turn out well for you.

Apple is switching to Google, instead of Bing, for web searches coming from Siri and Search on iOS, and from Spotlight on Mac.

Considering that, as of September 2017, iOS holds 30.4% of the Operating System Market Share in Ireland, this could mean great opportunity for Local SEO in Ireland.

Want to talk SEO strategies for your Local Business?

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO links a business to its local customers whenever they need it, and is not just for restaurants or shops.

It’s basically a set of SEO strategies that focus on a specific region, without necessarily compromising a wider and more distant audience.

For instance, our local customers in Mullingar can find us on Google when searching “web design mullingar” or “seo services mullingar“.

They won’t probably even include the name of our hometown in their search, actually. According to Google itself, local searches without the “near me” qualifier have grown by 150% in the last two years.

Do I need Local SEO?

As Google Internal Data states: nearly 1/3 of all mobile searches are related to location.

If you own a business that benefits from customers in a specific location then you most certainly need a good Local SEO in place, as much as you need a good SEO in general.

There is no simpler way to say it!

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Can Google Maps “Popular Times” help your local and online business?

Can Google Maps “Popular Times” help your local and online business?

With Google Maps’ Popular Times Live you can check whether a store, a restaurant or a bar is busy in real-time. Also, you can look at an estimate of how busy such place is at any given hour during the week, so you can plan ahead.

Until today, this feature was only available on Web and Android versions of Google Maps. Now it is also available on Google Maps for iOS devices.  think that this data could help you increase sales in your Retail store and increase conversions in your Online Business.

Two ideas on how to use Google Maps Popular Times Live data for your business

With the data provided by Google Maps, you could think about strategies to attract people to your business.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a constant, easily manageable flow of people coming to your store or restaurant, rather than having them packing the place all at the same time?

1. Invite your customers to visit your store when it is less busy

Whether it is through Facebook, a Mailing List, or anything else, you should always try to create Customer Engagement.

Plan ahead: think of something that could attract your customers and deploy it at the right time through Social Media. Invite people right away to your coffee shop through Social Media, right when you know your place is less busy. Discuss this with your Marketing department, if you have one!

2. Promote your Online store when your Retail one is busy

We have already worked with businesses that have both an Online and a Retail store and it seems that their amount is increasing.

Some shops may get very busy, for instance, during the weekends. Unless it is part of your Marketing Strategy to have people over at your Retail store, it is both in yours and your customers’ interest not to get frustrated because of waiting lines.

When times get too busy for anybody’s good, you could issue, for instance, a temporary discount voucher to some of your customers to use on your Online store. Then, you can go back when things get quieter.

There are many tools available to help you better understand your audience and also help you reach higher goals for your Business.

What do you think? Is Google Maps’ “Popular Times” feature one of these?

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