YouTube has become a household name and yet, before April 23rd, 2000, it did not exist.

Its growth in 10 years has been nothing short of phenomonal and, considering it’s just a “platform” for others to place content on, no one would have predicted its potential.

However, it is the very fact that it is a “platform” that has been the real base of its success. It’s not just the quantity and quality of video content available, it is about opening to the masses (us!) the ability to upload our own video content and share it with the world.

What is the first video on YouTube?

From the humble, short, first video upload on YouTube, “Me at the zoo” (now sporting over 19 million views), to Janet Jackson’s Superbowl incident in 2006 (which meant worldwide publicity for YouTube on TV networks and print media) to the ultimate endorsement with the President Obama interview.

The impact of YouTube

In between, YouTube has caused a major shakeup of the music industry, including allowing unknown artists get noticed.

YouTube also recorded history in the making, brought major issues to the public attention, and was controversial at times. It is praised for having the best content and the worst content available at the same time.

But isn’t that what a great platform is for? Easy to add content, easy to use and affording the users to vote with clicks and likes on the number of views to indicate the level of interest, and give feedback via comments.

Online video has come of age, and for website owners is a great opportunity to include short video promoting your business, explaining your business or services and turning a 1000 words into a short video that converts.

Check this list of the Most Viewed Videos on YouTube on Wikipedia. Not all of them are music videos.

You may also find out that something else that YouTube does exceptionally well is to make people laugh by watching “other peoples stupidity”. People like me get such a kick out of watching videos that are so funny I cry with laughter!

That said, Happy 10th Birthday YouTube!

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