A Till System and Online Shop all in one!

Handyweb.ie are delighted to announce its oSS  shop solution where we now provide a single shop package that will take care of your  online sales and offline sales – all on the one management system.

Retail outlets thinking of moving online have been put off by the additional problems of stock management for their website and their shop.

Handyweb.ie have put their techie and software resources into delivering a single system that works both in  your physical shop and on your e-commerce website.

The online and retail single solution ( oSS )  just announced by handyweb.ie delivers a complete online shop management system – including stock, products, variables, range of shipping options, vouchers, payment, order processing and report systems that allows the website owner to be in control of their online shop.  What is particularly new  is that Handyweb.ie now extends this software to allow a barcode scanner,  till  printer and cash drawer connect with your laptop, desktop or tablet and operate a till system that works directly from your online shop so you have a single stock control across your online and offline business, you have a single software package that runs the the till and online orders and even allows  you accept cash sales at the till as well as credit and debit cards – without having to have a payment machine in your shop.

Its the perfect solution that all shops have been waiting for – no need for an additional EPos system, and no worries about trying to have your Till system talk to your website software and no requirement to pay large sums for systems that just about connect these – but never in the way you want.

Handywebs One Stop Shop (oSS)  – is the perfect solution that cuts out duplication and seriously reduces costs for the retailer/trader

It allows retail outlets expand at a low cost to become online shops – after all you already have the expertise, you know your products , so why not sell to a larger audience and even offer a 24/7 service to your existing customers – with Handywebs “One Stop Shop Solution.

For e-Commerce traders – considering opening a physical shop or Shops – to reach out to the “feet on the street” – its a singular solution that allows you keep maximum control with the minimum effort.

Having developed and  trialed the oSS system over the last 6 months – Handyweb.ie are delighted to make this available  and will start accepting inquiries from 16th June 2015 .

For further information  contact Handyweb.ie  and put your business ahead of the rest – with the Retail/trader  Online and Offline oSS solution.


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