For clients whose website  is built on the wordpress platform.

“Hacking” of websites has been a regrettable growth industry and in recent times “Wordpress” because of their huge success have become a strong target for the hacking community.

WordPress as a web platform are strongly reacting by issuing regular updates to their web software. It is important that all such updates are carried out on your website as there are a number of dangers in not doing so:

a) Your website may be compromised

b) Content of your website may be compromised

c) The hosting server on which your website sits may be compromised

d) Visitors to your website may be exposed to “malware” left on your website ( unknown to you) and thus a malware could be spread with every visit to your website.

How do we at address this hacking issue……

1– all wordpress websites managed by ( unless requested otherwise by client or if hosted on clients own server) are now on a high security hosting service that has a very high level of intrusion detection. The positive is that websites will be more secure and attacks/intrusions will be detected and notified to us from the hosting service.  However should the website owner not react to such notifications  from the hosting service – then the website owner is at risk of penalties.  If the hosting service detects a risk to your website or visitors it will immediately pull the website offline until such time as the issue is addressed. This is very much in your interest to protect your good name and protect your website visitors from compromise

2. are now obliged  (for your protection and your website visitor protection) to ensure  all updates to WordPress are implemented on websites – as soon as these become available. To avoid issues of customers being busy and not getting round to it – will now automatically carry out these updates to ensure your website is up to date with the latest version of WordPress and we will check any plugins ( specific function code on your website) to ensure it is up to date and advise you if and when a known risk to your website arises from any such changes.

What else can you do?

3. It is important for you to ensure the device from which you upload content to your website has an up to date antivirus software with malware detection and ensure this is up to date and always running on this device.   You should aways keep your computer software up to date including your browser

4. Consider having a backup of your website automatically performed by us either weekly, monthly or quarterly depending on how frequent you update – so that should a disaster event arise – we can restore your website quickly from the last backup time. Further information Here????

If you have a backup arrangement with us – we can have normally have you up and running in less than 1 working day.

5. Consider have HTTPS added to your website. Most websites are http: as in the beginning name of your website e.g. . By upgrading to HTTPS a secure socket layer is placed between your website and any content added to it – thus encoding anything that is written and making it more secure for visitors to your website to enter details or give some personal information that you wish to obtain. This builds confidence with your clients that you care about them enought to add this level of security when dealing with them online and will enhance googles respect for your website. ( and quite commonly improve your google ranking) . More info here???

If you are storing any information about clients on your website we strongly recommend this secure option.

What will these changes cost you.?

Item 1 above is happening or has already happened automatically. Items 3,4, and 5 are options you can discuss with us relative to your specific website needs.

Item 2 is being implemented as and from 1st November 2015. There will be a cost as in €35 (ex VAT) per hour for any work we carry out in adding upgrades or security add ons to your website. Current trends indicate that this is currently running at 8 to 9 updates per annum of which over 60% are a matter of minutes and approx 30 minutes for two major updates per annum. Estimate approx 70 to 80 euros per annum plus VAT for this added security – which will only be billed if and when these happen. Outside of this if you have a large number of “plugins” on your website for effecting specific function there may be some additional costs depending on whether the originator of the “plugin” creates a replacement or update.

In terms of cost – this is preventative maintenance – and the comfort of knowing you are proactive in protecting your website for both your website visitors and your business. The cost of preventative maintence works out a lot less than the cost of dealing with an incident caused by software that is not up to date.



In your website you seek to build trust with visitors . One of the first steps in building trust is giving your website vistitors comfort that you are proactive with security issues and are here to ensure their expertise takes care of these issues.

Further information

If you require further information on any of the above please contact us on 0449345145 or contact