Microsoft has announced the imminent arrival of Windows 10 . Donnt ask what happened to Windows 9  as there has been a serious “Love Hate” relationship with users of Windows 7 and 8 — maybe Microsoft felt they had to step far away from these issues or maybe they feel this is such a vast improvement it is worth of being 2 steps forward.

Good news for Windows 7 and 8 uses is that the upgrade will be free for those coming on board in its first year.  For anyone using a Windows phone, Cortona will be know as the “Siri” of microsoft, there to answer verbal questions and do searches – this now comes to Windows 10.

The new browser interface “Spartan” reflects its name as being stripped down of bloatware to deliver speed, efficiency and many new extras.


When can I get it?

Already 1.7 million users have signed up for the Windows 10 Technical preview. If you can’t wait for the public release, then find out more about trying the technical version here.


The big challenge for Microsoft is can it convince the disappointed users of Windows 8 to take the next step …. and making Windows 10 is the first step in the right direction to Microsoft showing they have listened and are now delivering a Wow factor solution…..

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