Do you have a smartphone-friendly website?

Since April 2015, Google has officially introduced mobile friendliness as a Ranking Factor for websites, since in the last two years the web access via Android and iOS smartphones and tablets has grown by 86%.

If your website does not have a Responsive Design, then you could be missing out.

What is Responsive Design?

If you’re not already doing it right now, try to visit our website with your smartphone or tablet: you’ll notice right away how the content adapts perfectly to the size of your display, much like¬†water adapts to the shape of the bottle you put it in.

There you have it: Responsive Design!


Do you need a Responsive Website?

That’s great, because we’re here to help! Contact us today!

Handyweb provides complete different solutions for fully-Responsive Websites and eCommerce, including Content Management and additional SEO Services.

You will be in charge of all your content, which will be easily accessible through the Content Management System we will provide you with.

Want to know more?

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