Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Business

Last reviewed date : April 2018

  1. Handyman Website Services Ltd t/a handyweb.ie is the company referred to in this document and references to “company”, “us”, “our”, “we”, throughout these terms and conditions refer to as Handyman Website Services Ltd. Reference to “you” refer to the client be that a sole trader, partnership, company or private individuals or entity.
  2. The Authorised person to act on behalf of the client:- to give instructions, supply content, and authorise changes and making live of the website will be the person whose signature is on the Official Order form unless another person is authorised in writing to us within 7 days of placement of order. Where instructions are received from any other source, these will require the written ( or email) consent of the Authorised person to so act. The Company permits only 1 authorised person to act on behalf of the client.
  3. All items that require prepayment by us to particular official agencies and/or suppliers must, in turn, be prepaid by the client to us in advance of commencement. Therefore all orders these items are part of, require payment for these items in advance of the commencement of work.
  4. The “commencement date” will be deemed to be the specific date – 7 working days after receipt of 1st payment at Handyweb.ie registered office.
  5. All orders up to the value of €500 (ex VAT) require payment in full prior to commencement date. (where the order is for multiple registrations, domains, and webspace – and these come to in excess of €500(ex VAT) then condition 3 above applies. Where a direct debit facility is offered as an alternative payment method by us, then you must commit to ensure the account upon which these funds are drawn, is at all times fully funded to meet these direct debits. A charge of €50 will be applied to each and every direct debit payment that is not honoured. A penalty of 10% of the annualised value of the direct debit will be applied to direct debit payments that remain unpaid to us after a period of 7 days from due date.
  6. Orders valued €500(ex VAT) and over – require payment in not more than two instalments 50% (or value of prepay Items – whichever is higher) at commencement date and the balance 30 days later.
  7. When thls company has completed design, then full payment is due as per conditions 3 to 6 above This applies notwithstanding any failure to complete the website due to the client not providing content or any part thereof , or where the client has not provided approval to proceed within a period of 30 days from date of commencement
  8. In the case of unresolved dispute the company is entitled to bill for work completed and on production of record of hours work and costs incurred by the company and to be paid in full for this work within a period of 30 days of issue of such invoice(s)/ interim charges.This applies notwithstanding the clients right to seek resolution of any issue through the Insh Legal system.
  9. It is the sole responsibility of the client to provide data/ content for the site. The Company will design the site, place data/content on the site and setup the agreed IT and other facilities that will enable these to operate.
  10. Should the client ( or its ‘Authorised” person acting on clients beha1f) fail to supply any or all content or fail to authorise completion of the site after a period of 30 days from commencement (item 4 above) then the company is entitled to payment in full of the quoted price, within a period of 21 days from issuing notice to the client of implementing item 9 of Terms and Condition.
  11. By signing the order form you commit to purchase and you accept incurring the costs advised in writing.
  12. Work is undertaken on the basis that all data – text, photos and other details ( of sufficient quality and standard in terms of content being clearly readable and photos/images reproducible online) are supplied by you (or your representative(s) on your behalf ) within 30 days of the commencement date and that you have brought all queries to the attention of ourselves within 7 days of data input completed or part completed by us or corrections by us and advised by us to you by phone, e-mail, fax or post. Failure by you to supply all or any item that causes the work not to be complete or failure by you to advise of corrections will be treated as a decision by you but does not in any way set aside your requirements to make payments within these terms and conditions of business. Sending of notice to you of completion or part completion in any of the formats indicated in this condition will be deemed as reasonable and proper notification to you.
  13. A reasonable amount of work time – based on pricing will be allocated to every work order to be carried out. When client notifies additions or changes that are in excess of/or different to what was originally quoted for on the order form ( e..g Workload unplanned or not agreed to be carried out at point of sale, changes rather than corrections, additions to original spec, etc) these will incur additional charge (which will be priced at work and costs reasonably incurred in the production process and be on an hourly basis plus cost of any of the following: materials, registrations, additional listed package costs, 3rd party costs incurred in so doing, travel, etc.)
  14. Production procedure for web design and web updates – will operate in the following sequence A) Client places written order. B) Draft design sent to Client ( correction changes to be notified within 7 days of receipt. C) Client approves design and layout of site D) Client supplies any outstanding content. E) Company provides access to Client to draft finished site. F) Cllent indicates corrections ( within 7days of notification in “E’. G) Corrections completed by Company and Site made live. For SEO , Video/Streaming and other digital work -terms will be advised in writing ( or link provided to this info) as confirmation of your order – or on request.
  15. The company reserves the right to stop at any stage in 14 above should the client fail to meet any payment deadline, and to bill out for all completed work to date, and to refuse to continue with the project until at least 7 days after such payments are received by the company.
  16. The Company will only be obliged to keep information and content regarding any project that is incomplete – for a period of 40 days after commencement – where either/or/and content and authorisations to complete have not been received from clients within these terms and conditions. The Company is authorised by the client to wipe all such information from its records and storage facilities.
  17. Domain names, registrations, ssl certs and hosting are annual costs and are non-refundable if the customer wishes to withdraw from contract during any contracted year. During the 1st year of operation, no refunds whatsoever will be made ( the exception being clerical errors in billing). After year 1 ( except for registrations, and fees paid to 3rd party suppliers, customers may withdraw from contract giving 3 months written notice in advance to the registered address as published on our website at time of request., and be entitled to refund for each quarter of the remainder of the year – subject to customers account being paid up in full at time of such request. The nature of the refund will be pro rata per quarter (starting at the next quarter date based on the date of the last invoice), based on annual payment less fixed costs that we cannot be refunded for – e g domain name. site development cost, SSL certs, plugins, 3rd party licences, email registration, hosting, purchase of online shopping, and other such costs ( this list is not exhaustive nor is it to be taken as the only items for which refunds will not be made and is given only as an example of the type of items that ate non-refundable).
  18. Disputes, queries or issues must be raised In writing with us within 30 days of Issue being known to the customer and not later than 14 days after we advise the customer of completion ( or partial completion) of work carried out by us. Disputes in relation to cost or billing must be raised with the Credit Controller only. We will endeavour to advise resolution directly with you within a reasonable time, with a planned timescale of normal issues resolved within 14 working days and all items remaining will be advised within 28 days of raising of dispute number.
  19. The signature on the order form authorising the order is an authorised person to so do an is authorised by the principal(s) of the business to act as an authorised person to place this order on behalf of the business. You have received a copy of these terms and conditions at the time of signing ( or advised of a web link to same on the order form and have signed the order form on the basis of accepting these terms and conditions). Any queries in relation to the nature of the contract or what has been signed for, needs to be raised with us within 7 days of signing the order form ( also see item 2 above).
  20. Invoices will be raised on the date of commencement and/or applicable dates thereafter – as per these terms and conditions. The company reserves the right to charge interest at dibor plus 2% per month on all items outstanding beyond these terms. Interest applies from 1st due date of payment.
  21. All renewals must be prepaid in advance of renewal date. Please note that registrations. Security certifications, hosting, content management, software licensing, secure transaction software, are among the items that will incur annual prepayment charges.
  22. Loss of service, for any period of time, due to items beyond our control, will not make us liable to compensate customers. Examples ( but not exhaustive) of such acts are – Electricity outage, broadband, telephone or similar service provider having a service breakdown, slowness of website due to the connection at low connection speeds, repairs, renewals, and upgrades by any service provider between you and us as the provider. , internal communications or computer breakdown or that of any persons dealing with you, or act of God or anything that is outside of our control No refunds will be made for any losses incurred by your or loss of service due these type of service losses or diminution
  23. It is reasonable for repair and maintenance to be carried out to maintain and enhance services, which in our case will be planned at times where least amount of customers are affected and will be kept to a minimum requirement. No refunds will be made due to loss of service for such normal service support events.
  24. The maximum amount claimable against us and/or payable in any settlement will not be in excess of the full amount paid by you to us in the previous 12 months exclusive of VAT.
  25. All correspondence must be sent to the following address: Handyweb.ie , 36 Dominick Street, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, Ireland
  26. Customer warrants that names, trademarks data and pictures supplied or used on web pages prepared by us – or on their behalf or which are added by the customer or on the customers behalf at any later date – represent fair and honest representation and fair and honest communication and are not in breach of any regulatory body or legal requirements and are not prejudicial to any body or person in any way.
  27. In signing the official order you confirm your acceptance of these terms.
  28. We reserve the right to change and amend terms of business from time to time and we will forward a copy of this to you on request. Current terms and conditions will be published at this location on our website at all times.
  29. If you are in breach of payment terms at any point, the company reserves the right to withdraw any or all services having given you 14 days notice at your supplied email address, or by ordinary post ( as we see fit). Sending this notice to you in either of these formats will be deemed that you have been properly notified of same.
  30. In placing any order with us, you agree to abide by our privacy policy. View Here