Don’t let security issues stop you selling online?

Don’t let security issues stop you selling online?

As more and more businesses go online – there is more pressure on ensuring your website visitors  trust your e-commerce website.   In recent times some web browsers are pro-active to their users and identify websites that do not have a high level of security – and tells them before they actually go on to the website with messages like the image above.

This is good for web users but bad for e-commerce website owners who do not not have a security certificate on areas where visitors give their personal details.

You may not be aware that your website is losing customers other than seeing a downturn in sales – as you may not realise potential visitors are turning away from your website once they see the message above.


There is an effective  solution which is strongly recommended by for all e-commerce websites and websites that collect any information about their visitors via forms.  By adding SSL ( secure socket layer ) to your website you will immediately stop warning messages appearing to potential visitors, will improve your google ranking ( as google sees this as a trust element) and will build trust with your visitors who will know you care about their security and safety on your online business. Visitors will now see your website address starting with  the serure  https:/ rather than the standard http:/

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