All businesses need to make it easier for clients to make payments to them. This does not necessitate you having a full online shop for your business to get maximum value from making it easy for clients to pay you.  And we all want to get paid quickly and provide a very effective solution.

Think of it – a new client rings, agrees a price with you and asks how they can pay and you tell them, you will send them an invoice by email and they can pay straight away online. Yes, its that simple.  They can pay by credit card or debit card and you have your payment as quickly as they respond to your email .  If they have a smartphone they can respond straight away, without having to wait to get back to the office or home.   Your email simply needs to tell them the amount to pay and gives them an invoice number to enter ( you can attach the invoice to the email  if you like). As soon as the payment is received you get an automated  confirmation email telling you that payment has arrived.

See example here  

Its so simple for them , they input he amount and the invoice number and click to go straight to the payment system. It really is  that  simple .

If you register with Paypal ( and we can assist you in this area) – you can quickly have a Pay Now option on your website ( either hidden from general view or linked from your homepage – whichever you prefer.

Its a great way of getting your money quickly, and a great way of cutting out the excuses from “slow payers”.

All payments are transacted in a highly secure manner off your site by the worlds most trusted payment system – Paypal.

A simple and sensible online value for all businesses   – no waiting for payment, no trips to the bank to put the money in your account, no cash to be counted and a very reliable record of payments received.  You could even cut out having one of these merchant card machines on your premises which cost you monthly rentals, which can be expensive -particularly so if you don’t have that many transactions a month) Believe it our not – you don’t even have to want to have a website for us to facilitate this for you.

Talk to today and find out how we can help your business make the most of online transactions.  You will be surprised how cost effective this is for all businesses.