Spam Emails

Email Spam

Lots of us get spam and spam quite often appears to be coming from an email address you know or even what appears to be your own email address. A good spam filter ( as automatically included  gmail)  will reduce the nuisance caused by this or moving such emails manually  to spam on your email service.    Lots of people ignore them.

A potential danger is if your email address has been  hacked – and spammers are using your contact list to send spams purporting to come from you –  so good practice is to change your email password on a regular basis ( e.g. once a month). If you know your email has been hacked, it is good practice to send an email to your regular contacts advising them that this has happened and you have now changed your password.

Find out more about spam and how to check if your email has been hacked or if the spam is just using an “alias” so as the email appears to be coming from your account …. HERE

Read the WIKI advise on Spam control Here