Protected: Schedule of your Website Build

In order to ensure we provide an efficient project management facility for all our clients please note that the following terms and conditions apply in addition to our standard Terms and Conditions.

Scheduling your Website Build

All websites will be commenced as soon as possible upon receipt of initial payment.

Once your website has been scheduled, this will be advised to you. Other than any delays in receipt of content or confirmations/authorisations from you or changes to original order the schedule will be adhered to by us. Content (text, images, etc) needs to be supplied to us in digital format, within 4 working days of scheduled commencement date. Once your order has been placed on our production schedule the order may not be cancelled and full payment will be due within the terms outlined below. Where content/ instructions from client and is not received within the 4 days after commencement – we will pull the project from our schedule and we will allow a further 4 weeks for receipt of content/instructions and upon receipt of this, we will reschedule the remainder of the project to add this content and pages to the website. If we have not received content/instructions within this 4 week period we will then put together a website with the specified number of webpages and show on the front end a “website under construction” message on the homepage together with an inquiry form where visitors can send an inquiry which will directed to your existing nominated email address or if this does not exist we will redirect these inquires to our admin area and advise you of any messages received.

Payment in full will be due to us of all balances as per order – immediately upon our notification of completion of website or after 8 weeks has passed from original commencement date during which we have not received either all content or instructions.