If I told you that over 10% of all shopping by Irish consumers  will be done online within the next two years – you wont be so worried. Maybe you think its only 10% of a big cake or maybe you think is it eating more than 10% of my industry  cake and each year after this  will take bigger slices?

What if I told you that this year the online  spend by Irish Consumers represented €5.9 billion and is projected to reach €9.3 billion by 2017 ( thats just about two years from now!).  If I judge  by my own home over Christmas I can say that over 40% of all shopping was done online ( and this % is much higher from the two single young adults in the house!).  Even I was astonished to find that my youngest had completed her Christmas Sales shopping on Christmas day ( yes, online!) as many sales stores opened online as soon as the retail premises closed on Christmas Eve. ( Was Nero eating Christmas cake while Irish consumers burned  their credit cards).

The research stats* are that 59% of Irish adults shop online at least once a month and your business needs to be online to ensure your business gains as the growth in broadband speeds fuels this spend not just amoung the younger generation who are already  more than happy to transact their business online.

Its time for Irish  businesses to wake up to the continued growth of very substantial sums online and be ready.  No, it is not about you closing your retail or wholesale premises and going online.  Handyweb.ie  offers a complete web consultancy service from small and medium size businesses to ensure they are geared up to deliver a quality online business.  With handyweb.ie  your website is designed in a user friendly manner, so that you provide a professional  quality service that reaches out to these consumers. From user friendly websites with responsive design that works fluidly across laptops, ipads, smartphones, tablets and desktops , matched with a quality easy to use management system, shipping and voucher systems  – and this  is only the foundation stone.  Our expertise  can advise on and deliver packages that will drive your website marketing forward through Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media marketing and other effective ways to reach out to that fast growing  spend.

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*For further information on the online spend figures quoted above (apart from my own family stats above) please view  the Report on Irelands Digital Future