Today I read that Dublin’s National Digital Research Centre is amongst the top 2.5 percent start-up incubators in the World! Fantastic!Hexacopter with camera at studio

This morning I read about the United States of America banning (temporarily) quadcopters from public areas including large national parks. Here in Ireland we like to think outside the box and find more creative ways to use these mini-drones.

Recently, I also read about Amazon’s Jeff Bezos researching delivering to customers by Quadcopters, but it seems it’s back in the research lab as we have not had any recent updates.

Today, I read about real down to earth Irish Entrepreneurial spirit whereby a local organisation – with prisoners’ welfare at heart – have been experimenting with delivering directly to prisoners in a Dublin prison. Think of the savings: no requirement to have items scanned, recorded, paperwork, checking, and all that takes up so much time of prison officers valuable time, just a directly delivery via quadcopter of some recreational drugs (nothing heavy – naturally – as this quadcopter has limits to what it can carry).

Clearly, in its early days, as a lot of Irish inventiveness went into this, whereby the control operator loaded his lightweight quadcopter with some small package and, using its onboard camera, guided it over the wall into Wheatfield Prison. While in the process of identifying the person waiting for the delivery in the prison yard, the quadcopter became entangled in some wires (placed over all Irish prisons – following an embarrasing Helicopter breakout in 1973) and crash landed in the prison yard. Prisoners rushed to help clean up the mess created from this crash landing.

What’s important to remember here, is the lateral thinking minds that come up with such uses for quadcopters and how can we focus on getting these great Irish Innovators working with Jeff Bezos to exploit this home delivery service to the maximum so everyone benefits.

If you happen to have any contact with either Jeff Bezos or any his team at Amazon or anyone at the Irish National Digital Research Centre or soon to be Prisoner 3457X678 of Wheatfield Prison and you can put them all in touch, you could be doing a great service to all our futures. So, go on! Make that call and be part of something that gets these great creative minds working together!

It’s a new high for Irish creativity and inventiveness.

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