Heres some great news for gmail users……Inbox By Gmail

My first day using inbox for gmail and it is like a breath of fresh air. It arranges your email in logical groupings allow you quick tick as read, reader later ( even specify how later) and even set yourself quick reminders. It really is a very productive way of speeding through your gmail inbox.

Was a bit nervous at first but within a hour was getting through my inbox much quicker and really like it.  Now have it on my ipad, android device and on pc and linux browsers. All very smooth and efficient.

Really like the reminder facility – not just for emails but for anything that comes into your mind just click the blue reminder button and quickly send yourself a reminder at a time and date you wish.

This takes gmail to a new level of efficiency and the only thing  I could not figure out was how to create an email – thats just because it was staring me in the face as  a floating red button.

Worried you might not like it after you log in – you can continue to use old and new formats by using to access your existing gmail account and using to access the efficient new Inbox for google.


The bad news is that its by invitation only  or by registering and waiting  More info here

Or you could google “Get an invite to inbox” and use one of the workarounds.


Inbox by Google……A huge improvement at making it easier to work through your inbox.