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(Terms and conditions apply)

For those with existing websites – we will run a performance analysis of your website and share this with you. It s a very useful start in your SEO journey.

I/we request the HANDYWEB FREE SEO WEBSITE ANALYSIS and authorise you to create this report and share with us.
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Terms and Conditions

The Free SEO website analysis is based on information supplied and is based on information supplied by you and online data available in relation to your website and the information supplied by you. This information is current at the time of creation of the report. The report is intended to be a support tool in helping you plan your SEO strategy and will include recommendations from us on how to proceed. In completing the request for this report, you authorise to contact you via your supplied contact details – in relation to SEO and Website related information that we consider of interest to you . This Free SEO Analysis is subject to demand so there will be limited to 25 Free individual reports in any month for as long as this offer lasts. reserve the right to withdraw this offer and you accept that the report is provided in good faith and you accept the maximum compensation that can be claimed is no more than the value paid up front by you to for receipt of this report.