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Your domain name is a very important first step in putting your website in place. It is worth careful consideration as you will want to have a domain name that can easily be remembered by visitors, found by search engines and reflects well on your business.

At we will advise on the best choice for your website.

If you service is  country specific then you should choose a country specific domain name. e.g. in the Republic of Ireland  .ie ,  in the UK, serves the equivalent need.

This benefits you in a number of ways. People in this country know they are dealing with a local business, which is what they want and searches on search engines  that country will normally deliver a higher ranking for a domain of that country.

If your business could benefit from an international audience there are a number of  options: –

.org is recognised as being for non profit organisations.

.com is recognised as the most common worldwide domain address.  Many search engines search for a business of the same name in the order of the .com before .net  e.g.  will be searched for  before .  Web users assume a .com as a norm and are therefore more likely to enter .com after your business name  even if you are .net.

In the last year a vast number of domain names that are business specific have come on the market  e.g  .web , .guru , .florist  etc.  It is early days to see how the search engines treat these  new entrants.

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Did you know that .ie is ranked higher than .com or or domain names when it comes to searches within Ireland for Irish websites.

Most common  Website domain names

.net Network
.ie All-Ireland
.eu European Union
.me Individuals (or Montenegro)
.mobi Mobile website
.tv TV Broadcasting (or Tuvalu Island)
.uk New shorter .UK extension
.us United States

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