As long as you have an internet access you can avail of a range of “cloud” storage options.

I have been using dropbox for a number of years now and find it very useful in terms of keeping my files available no matter where I am. It also serves as backup for my regularly used files on my pc.  I have been lucky enough. I enjoy 70gb of “Free” online storage space thanks to various ways Dropbox have allowed me grow my free storage space without having to pay.  I find it convenient, quick and like the way it automatically syncs with all my devices including ipad and android smart phone.

At worst it gives me confort if my pc shut  should die – then I would still have access to my files online and it has taken me out of a few tight corners when I was away from base but needed access to files.

I also like the fact that you can share files or folders with others via a simple link by email  ( a great way to share large files without trying to send them by email and finding your email blocked.)

Many apps now link to dropbox to allow you connect direct from the app to your dropbox content.

Start today with 2gb free from  and you can upgrade to business packages or up to 1 terrabyte of storage for monthly fees.