Heres something I have been using for the last 4 years and I had just stopped thinking about it until  I got a new laptop recently and I wondered why my eyes were getting tired and strained at night – as I sat in a low lit room using my laptop and then I remembered f.lux. Computers are designed to give the amount of background light based on bright days and good office lighting – and not for soft room lighting.

F.Lux acts like a 24 hour guard on your computer – calculating what time of day it is and adjusting your screen lighting to the appropriate backlighting and I really love it – particularly because it all happens automatically.    Its Free and you can download it here 

One small word of warning – if you are working with detailed colours, it is best to switch it off as it can impact on how you perceived detailed colours. Other than that – for me its great – and my eyes dont get tired and I dont get headaches.

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