February 14th, Valentine’s Day: a short history

February 14th, Valentine’s Day: a short history

February 14th, Valentine’s Day, is a special day every year. It commemorates the story of St. Valentine, a priest in Rome who was martyred in AD 496.

Many stories exist around St. Valentine, of which the most popular is that he would secretly marry Soldiers who were forbidden to marry and that he was imprisoned for this.

Before his execution he healed the daughter of his jailer Austerius and in his last letter to the jailers daughter he signed off: “Your Valentine.”.

Over the years, February 14th has become the day for romantics and lovers to remembers the one they care about.

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Is your website lazy and not working…

Is your website lazy and not working…

12 Signs your website has got lazy and needs a service.

People get bored visiting websites that are out of date or dont change their content. Its a vicious circle, they make the effort to visit your website and come back to find ….. Nothings changed… .they stop visiting because nothings changed….and soon your website is ….. forgotten. In effect you have made your website redundant through lack of use.

Heres a list of 12 classic signs of a website becoming “redundant”.

1. You haven’t logged in and make an update in over a month. ( worse still, you haven’t made any changes since it was built)

2. The website features products/services you no longer stock

3 . Search Engines don’t know your website exists

4. Google analytics is not installed on your website, or any other form of analytics.

5. Analytics is installed but a large number of visitors are not staying for even 30 seconds.

6. Your website has been hacked in the past, and you have done nothing to upgrade the security level

7. Your website is more than 3 years old and looks dated

8. You have tons of information on each page and give visitors no option to choose to read what they want, only what you have decided.

9. Social media links are absent from your website – because you are not on any social media services.

10. You got a friend or student ( who has since gone to Canada or Australia) to build the website and you dont know how to do anything with it.

11. Smartphone users cant access your website because it is not “smartphone” friendly.

12. The site is very slow to load

If you can say yes to any one of these symptoms then talk to Handyweb.ie today to get your website fit and working hard for you. Get a great fresh look for your website ( including smartphone frirendly)  as well as expert advise on how to get the most out of your website.

Windows 10 is coming

Windows 10 is coming

Microsoft has announced the imminent arrival of Windows 10 . Donnt ask what happened to Windows 9  as there has been a serious “Love Hate” relationship with users of Windows 7 and 8 — maybe Microsoft felt they had to step far away from these issues or maybe they feel this is such a vast improvement it is worth of being 2 steps forward.

Good news for Windows 7 and 8 uses is that the upgrade will be free for those coming on board in its first year.  For anyone using a Windows phone, Cortona will be know as the “Siri” of microsoft, there to answer verbal questions and do searches – this now comes to Windows 10.

The new browser interface “Spartan” reflects its name as being stripped down of bloatware to deliver speed, efficiency and many new extras.


When can I get it?

Already 1.7 million users have signed up for the Windows 10 Technical preview. If you can’t wait for the public release, then find out more about trying the technical version here.


The big challenge for Microsoft is can it convince the disappointed users of Windows 8 to take the next step …. and making Windows 10 is the first step in the right direction to Microsoft showing they have listened and are now delivering a Wow factor solution…..

Catch the latest news on Windows 10 here

Online Spend by Irish Consumers reaches €5.9 Billion

Online Spend by Irish Consumers reaches €5.9 Billion

If I told you that over 10% of all shopping by Irish consumers  will be done online within the next two years – you wont be so worried. Maybe you think its only 10% of a big cake or maybe you think is it eating more than 10% of my industry  cake and each year after this  will take bigger slices?

What if I told you that this year the online  spend by Irish Consumers represented €5.9 billion and is projected to reach €9.3 billion by 2017 ( thats just about two years from now!).  If I judge  by my own home over Christmas I can say that over 40% of all shopping was done online ( and this % is much higher from the two single young adults in the house!).  Even I was astonished to find that my youngest had completed her Christmas Sales shopping on Christmas day ( yes, online!) as many sales stores opened online as soon as the retail premises closed on Christmas Eve. ( Was Nero eating Christmas cake while Irish consumers burned  their credit cards).

The research stats* are that 59% of Irish adults shop online at least once a month and your business needs to be online to ensure your business gains as the growth in broadband speeds fuels this spend not just amoung the younger generation who are already  more than happy to transact their business online.

Its time for Irish  businesses to wake up to the continued growth of very substantial sums online and be ready.  No, it is not about you closing your retail or wholesale premises and going online.  Handyweb.ie  offers a complete web consultancy service from small and medium size businesses to ensure they are geared up to deliver a quality online business.  With handyweb.ie  your website is designed in a user friendly manner, so that you provide a professional  quality service that reaches out to these consumers. From user friendly websites with responsive design that works fluidly across laptops, ipads, smartphones, tablets and desktops , matched with a quality easy to use management system, shipping and voucher systems  – and this  is only the foundation stone.  Our expertise  can advise on and deliver packages that will drive your website marketing forward through Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media marketing and other effective ways to reach out to that fast growing  spend.

Talk to Handyweb.ie today to find out more.  The future of your business may depend on you acting now to start growing your online presence.  Inquire here 

Your business may also be in a position to benefit from up to 50% funding for your new website.

*For further information on the online spend figures quoted above (apart from my own family stats above) please view  the Report on Irelands Digital Future

Website Grants

Website Grants

Website Grants

If you are in business you could save up to 50% off your new website cost.  Talk to Handyweb.ie today

Subject to funding, your Local Enterprise Office has a  grant available may be offered at a rate of up to 50% of the eligible cost of your website.  A maximum of €1,000 is available for websites with a sell on-line facility and for those developing or upgrading a brochure website, a maximum of 50% of the cost up to a maximum of €500 is available.

Please note that the there is a limit to the funding so early application is recommended. Talk to Barry in our office today on 087 2591726 or enquire here