Businesses know it is important to be trading online. In fact, 60% of Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) have a website and online presence, yet a lot of them admit that cannot process sales on the internet!

It is a logical step to conclude from the above that there is a combination of fear and lack of understanding that is stopping businesses from taking a step this close to the lowest cost of expansion for any business.

So let’s have a look at 7 great reasons why you should seriously think about embracing Ecommerce!

7 great reasons why you should start doing business online

1. An Ecommerce is cheaper

Setting up an Ecommerce business costs an awful lot less than opening a new premises on the high street. It is obvious, but still a valid point to consider.

2. An Ecommerce is quicker

You can quickly take payments online from clients (also as deposits from slow payers, if you use QuickPay). This is quite a useful starting point to get businesses used to the value of online payment.

3. An Ecommerce can always be open

This benefits both you and your customers. People may want to buy products from your shop but really don’t have the time or the chance to stop by. Having an Ecommerce enables them to browse your catalog and buy anything, anytime and anywhere.

4. An Ecommerce can still be personal and unique

An Ecommerce doesn’t have to be as massive and corporate-looking as Amazon. There are plenty of very unique Ecommerce websites that carry as much personality as their owners can offer. Many customers are attracted by something that feels unique and has a personal touch.

5. Ecommerce websites have grown popular

In 2013, Irish people spent over 4 billion online. By the end of 2017 this is estimated to rise up to 21 billion. Do you really want to miss out on this?

6. Ecommerce + SEO + Social Media Marketing = Success!

Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media Marketing play a great deal in your Business Strategy.

With an Ecommerce it’s easy to get started with both. It’s not as easy as sharing a post or tweeting, but it something that anybody can learn how to do, given they are willing to spend time learning and practicing.

Or you can have a third party expert to manage SEO and Social Media Management for your Ecommerce. Someone like us!

7. A single Stock Control System for both Online and Retail Store

Of course, there are businesses that do have a Retail store, but benefit a lot from their Ecommerce website. An example of such business is The South African Shop in Mullingar.

We helped the owner designing a website that also works as an all-in-one POS System, syncing the stock available at the retail and on the online shop.


An Ecommerce can be cheap, can help you earn money while you sleep, can be as unique and personal as you are and can also exist along with your Retail store.

These are just few of the reasons why a business should embrace Ecommerce. In the end your business will thank you as you will be surprised how cost effective it is to deliver.

How to get started with Ecommerce?

We offer free consultation on how to get your business online, and can also help you get the Trading Online Voucher for your Ecommerce, talk to us today!

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